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August Smart Lock Euro Cylinder

Living in the UK (and other parts of Europe) we’re not blessed with the same level of smart security as those living in the US. Sure we have Nuki, Danalock, and whispers of a Yale lock. But none live up to the guys that set the standard for a smart lock — August.

In my opinion, they provide the best end-to-end service. The physical product, reliability and security. Unfortunately, as they’re made for the US market, they won’t fit a UK/European Euro Cylinder.

Frustratingly when I was searching online I’d come across videos of people hacking them to work with a Euro cylinder, however, they’d posted no details of how it was done. After more digging, I found some comments stating that using a cylinder from a Danalock would potentially work.

After some deliberation, I decided to give it a try. I ordered a 3rd Generation August Smart Lock from eBay. I also ordered a Danalock Euro Cylinder.

When it was delivered, I removed my current euro cylinder which is done by unscrewing the bolt in the side of the door.

August Eurocylinder Door Fitting

Danalock Euro cylinder installed

If you’re able to drill into your door, you’ll be able to drill straight through the holes in the backplate and into the door.

Unfortunately, as I’m a tenant and not able to drill into my front door — I had to improvise. I grabbed an aluminium square faceplate off Amazon and attached this directly to the euro cylinder and drilled a hole large enough for the twist key to protrude from. I then attached the lock backplate to the faceplate now on the door and fixed this with two screws.

I then clipped the twist key to the correct length.

August Eurocylinder Door Fixture

Yellow lock adapter fitted

I then added the yellow adapter and checked it turned correctly — success!

August Eurocylinder Door Fixed

August 3rd Gen attached to euro cylinder

Now for the big test.

Augusting Working


Connecting August to HomeKit

If you have an Apple TV, HomePod or an iPad that resides in the house 24/7, you do not need an August Connect. To connect August to Homekit simply add the device in Home and then scan the code. If you don’t require the functionality to control the lock whilst you’re not connected to your WiFi network then you don’t need any extra devices.

If you found this guide helpful let me know in the comments.

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